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Haunted Places: the National Directory - On Sale $12

Still the most respected and authoritative guide to ghosts in the United States! Completely updated!  This one-of-a-kind book is both a fascinating and unusual travel guide and an indispensable reference casebook for serious researchers. The result of a five-year research project with the cooperation of several national organizations, this unique directory lists over 2,000 locations in all fifty states where paranormal activity has been reported. Included are sacred sites, as well as haunted houses, hotels, inns, restaurants, businesses, schools, churches, campgrounds, and parks. These are real places complete with names, addresses, phone numbers, and websites. Each entry presents a history of the site, names of witnesses, current investigations, and detailed travel directions. Every case is footnoted to an extensive bibliography of sources for further research. Over 100 photographs.

To order your autographed copy of the latest HAUNTED PLACES: THE NATIONAL DIRECTORY, send $12 (plus $5.00 shipping) to: Haunted Places, P.O. Box 22309, Sacramento, CA 95822-0309 USA. Print Order Form. To order this book online using your credit card or PayPal, click the secured link button below. Click Here to order T-shirts with full color cover and other haunting images.

Haunted Places National Directory- Penguin 2002. Normally $16.95. On sale now for $12!

International Directory of Haunted PlacesInternational Directory of Haunted Places - On Sale $10

From an overgrown temples at Angkor Wat in Cambodia to the empty shower stalls at Dachau in Germany, this books chronicles all the latest hauntings worldwide. Great Britain and Europe, Africa, the Middles East, Russia, Asia, Australia, the Pacific Islands, South America and the Caribbean, and all of Canada – over 750 new cases with a hundred photographs of apparitions and locations. Visit haunted jail houses in Iceland. Enter ghostly castles in Scotland. Or meet household spirits in Russia. No matter what your destination, this unique guide will direct you to the eeriest spots in the area. Each entry includes a spine-tingling description plus precise travel directions, phone numbers, and, if available, Internet addresses. This indispensable casebook will be of special interest to paranormal researchers and folklorists, because it provides a unique look at the variations among paranormal phenomenon in different countries and cultures. Tourists and armchair travelers alike will find this directory a fascinating companion to traditional guidebooks.

 "Belief in ghosts or spirits is part of human culture, and the telling of ghost stories has been traced back to ancient times. Today, according to the George H. Gallup International Institute, more than half the world's population believes in ghosts and at least a third of that group have actually seen one. Whether we like it or not, ghosts and spirits are still part of modern civilization, and most of us believe there is a lot more going on in the universe than our practical scientists and social leaders would admit. This rejected part of human experience, which is another side of reality, will not go away simply by closing our eyes to it. As we enter the new millennium, more and more people are opening their eyes to the Other Side. The number of paranormal experiences being reported has quadrupled in the last decade, and most organizations and researchers are swamped with new cases. Witnesses are much more willing to talk about such things, and they are actively looking for answers about what is really going on. The media and entertainment industries recognize this trend and have responded with an avalanche of articles and films on the subject. The surge of interest in the paranormal coupled with the growing emphasis on the global economy and emerging cultures makes this a truly planetary phenomenon. For the first time, local folklore is giving way to an international perspective that emphasizes the similarities and belief-altering components of these experiences."   – Dennis William Hauck, author of Haunted Places: the National Directory and the International Directory of Haunted Places.

To order your own autographed copy, send $10 (plus $5.00 shipping) to: Haunted Places, P.O. Box 22309, Sacramento, CA 95822-0309 USA. Print Order Form. To order this book online using your credit card or PayPal, click the secured link button below. 

International Directory of Haunted Places. $10

International Directory of Haunted PlacesORDER THE COMPLETE HAUNTED PLACES SET - On Sale $18 

Order your autographed copies of both the national and international directories and save! Send $18 (plus $5.00 shipping) to: Haunted Places, P.O. Box 22309, Sacramento, CA 95822-0309 USA. Print Order Form. To order this book online using your credit card or PayPal, click the secured link button below. $33 value!

Haunted Places Set. Normally $33. Now $18.


How to Record & Analyze EVP Voices on Your Home Computer (with CD)

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) are paranormal audible events of unknown origin, which can be heard and captured in recordings on various types of electronic recording apparatus. The phenomenon has been captured using radios, televisions, tape recorders, telephones and answering machines, film, and a variety of digital equipment. Interest in EVP began in the1920s, when Thomas Edison suggested the possibility of constructing a machine to communicate with the dead. “It is possible to construct an apparatus,” he said in an interview in Scientific American, “which will be so delicate that if there are personalities in another existence or sphere who wish to get in touch with us in this existence or sphere, this apparatus will at least give them a better opportunity to express themselves than the tilting tables and rapping and Ouija boards and mediums and the other crude methods now purported to be the only means of communication.” During World War II there was a rash of EVP recordings intercepted by military equipment, but serious research began with the electronic age in the 1970s with the work of Konstantin Raudive, a disciple of Carl Jung. This step-by-step guide shows how to set up EVP sessions, how  to successfully capture EVP using a variety of equipment, and how to record and analyze the results using your home computer. CD includes white noise generation programs, sound recording and editing software, enhancing and de-noising software, and other utilities that help generate and work with EVP sounds. ISBN 0-9637914-7-8. 8x11 comb-bound manual. Athanor Press 2005. Item # AP1478. $17.95

How to Record & Analyze EVP. $17.95




This travel guide to over 100 inns in the United States and Canada is a must for the haunted traveler. Lisitings include contact information, a list of facilities, price range, case histories, and a description of both living and dead residents. Robin Mead is a well-known travel writer who has authored twenty-six books on the subject, though this is her first detour into the realm of the supernatural. HAUNTED HOTELS, Rutledge Hill 1995. 224 pp. Qpbk. $9.95


This book lists over 100 haunted sites and their resident specters, focusing on haunted houses, vessels, cemeteries, and haunted sites in nature. Each site has a narrative and supernatural history and includes address information. There is also a chapter on ghosthunting. FIELD GUIDE TO NORTH AMERICAN HAUNTINGS, Three Rivers Press 1998. 272 pp. Qpbk. $15.00.


HAUNTED AMERICA - Tor 1995. 576 pp. Pbk. $5.99

This series of true ghost stories by Michael Norman and Beth Scott contains in-depth reporting on some of America's most haunted locations. Each book contains between 70 and 150 cases.

HAUNTED HEARTLAND - Warner 1994. 487 pp. Pbk. $6.50

HISTORIC HAUNTED AMERICA - Tor 1996. 672 pp. Pbk. $7.99





This ghostly guide to America's most fascinating haunted landmarks by Arthur Myers is a textbook on our haunted history. GHOSTLY AMERICAN PLACES. Sites include Carleton House, Horton Grand Hotel, Whaley House, Baldpate Inn, Old Stone House, Tuckaway House, Tupelo Seven Theater, Country Tavern, Double Eagle Restaurant, Beardslee Manor, Buttertoes Restaurant, Crier in the Country Restaurant, Logan Inn, Sullivan County News, Inwood Manor, and more! GHOSTLY AMERICAN PLACES. Fireside 1996. 269 pp. Qpbk. $11.00


The Sightings television series is syndicated in over 90% of the United States and has generated much interest in genuine paranormal events. This book is a montage of 31 of the best cases aired in the few years and covers everything from Bigfoot to Werewolves. A sampling of the contents includes the haunted castle of Berry-Pomeroy, the Blue Lady of Moss Beach, the Avebury Mystery Lights, and Orson Welle's curse. SIGHTINGS. Fireside 1996. 269 pp. Qpbk. $11.00


CIVIL WAR GHOST STORIES & LEGENDS - U of SC 1992. 183 pp. Qpbk. $9.95

Civil War buffs can find out the rest of the story in these fascinating books. The first is from the South's own chronicler of the supernatural, Nancy Roberts, and the second is from the archives of FATE magazine and compiled by Frank Spaeth.

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Possessed Possessions - Click here to order!Possessed Possessions - by Ed Okonowicz - 1996. 106 pp. $9.95

A collection of true short stories about more than 20 haunted objects located across the country. From Maine to Florida and New Jersey to Ohio the owners of these haunted objects tell what it's like to own a collectible or piece of antique furniture that has refused "to give up the ghost." This is the book some antique dealers do not want you to buy.

Possessed Possessions II Click here to order!Possessed Possessions II - by Ed Okonowicz - 1998. 106 pp. $9.95

 This sequel to Possessed Possessions includes 40 more amazing true stories of bizarre, unusual and unexplained incidents--all caused by haunted objects like the demented dolls, spirited sculptures, a pesky piano, a killer crib, and much, much, more.



GHOSTS OF THE CAROLINAS - U of SC 1988. 116 pp. Qpbk. $9.95

Veteran folklorist and ghost researcher Nancy Roberts has made an important contribution to the documentation of true ghost encounters in the South. Add them to your collection now!

NORTH CAROLINA GHOSTS & LEGENDS - U of SC 1991. 122 pp. Qpbk. $9.95

New! GEORGIA GHOSTS - Click here to order! The 54 cases in Nancy's latest book span the entire state of Georgia from the coast lands to the historic heartland and classic south all the way to the northern mountains. John Blair 1997. Qpbk. $9.95



Jessica Salmonson knows how to spin scary tales in these true accounts of hauntings from Washington and Oregon. Sites include Pike Place Market, Shaw Island, the Georgetown Castle, the White Eagle Saloon, and Lake Okanagan. There are seventeen ghostly tales in all. THE MYSTERIOUS DOOM. Sasquatch 1992. 216 pp. Qpbk. $11.95



Meet paranormal expert Robert Cunnington's ghosts first hand. These are transcripts of conversations with many lost spirits that have temporarily taken up residence in the body of his wife, Marianne. EARTHBOUND. Kensington 1997. 209 pp. Qpbk. $12.00




Author Terry Deary and illustrator David Wyatt work together to create some really scary stuff in this book that presents actual cases from around the world. TRUE GHOST STORIES. Puffin 1996. Pbk. $3.99


Controversial occult writer Colin Wilson examines a variety of poltergeist phenomena and concludes that they are genuine spirit energies. This is one of the most comprehensive studies of the worldwide poltergeist phenomenon in print. POLTERGEIST. Llewellyn 1993. 448 pp. Pbk. $5.95




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