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One recent case from Georgia that Nancy Roberts reveals in her new book Georgia Ghosts is taking place at the Big Canoe Resort near Jasper in the northwest mountains of Georgia. For the past few years, the tall ghost of an Indian has been appearing to employees at the Sconti Clubhouse. "He is most likely to appear when the place is quiet and nobody else is around," said witness Billy Howard. "On Wednesday mornings, when I go in to work about three or four o’clock in the morning, he is at the clubhouse. He’s always curious about what I’m doing and wants to watch everything." Recently, the ghost started making noises for the first time. While straightening up a banquet room, Billy heard a clicking sound and found the ghost sitting at a table knocking two sugar holders together. The apparition has also been seen by housekeeper Gail Jones, and ever since, she utters a courteous greeting whenever she enters the clubhouse to clean. So far the ghost has been spotted in the men’s locker room, the downstairs banquet room, the pro shop, the kitchen, and in the double doorway at the entrance to the clubhouse. It is thought that the spirit is of a Cherokee Indian, possibly buried under the clubhouse, who does not realize he is dead. When the apparition appeared in the outside doorway, he took off running when a golfcart drove towards him. It was a reaction one might expect from someone living, who had never seen a golfcart and was frightened by it. The Indian apparently thought he was about to be run over.



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