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Volume Eight (2005) (Bimonthly 2005)

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Volume Six (2003) (Weekly 2003)

Volume Five (2002) (Weekly 2002)

Volume Four (2001) (Weekly 2001)

Volume Three (2000) (Weekly 2000)

Volume Two (1999) (Monthly Jan-July 1999)

Volume Two (1999) (Monthly Aug-Nov 1999)

Volume One (1998) (Bimonthly 1998)



What to keep up on breaking paranormal cases and investigations? Want to find out about the latest books and movies dealing with paranormal and mystical experiences? Want to read true life experiences from people in their own words? Then you need to subscribe to the only news service dealing with these topics -- the HAUNTED PLACES REPORT.

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This regular newsletter contains up-to-the-minute material on current paranormal activity and investigations from all 50 states and around the world, as well as personal experiences, sacred site energy, book and website reviews, and forthcoming lectures and media programming on the paranormal. Founded by Dennis William Hauck, author of the Haunted Places series of directories and edited by noted paranormal expert Ron Beach, this newsletter has been publishing since 1998 and features nearly 400 backissues.


1. Topics. Topics include current paranormal activity, ongoing investigations, personal paranormal experiences, reviews of books and websites, and upcoming lectures and media on the paranormal.

2. Word Count: Normal articles and reviews can range from 100-800 words. Longer articles are accepted but will usually be serialized in two or three parts. Interviews are from 500-800 words. Announcements and reviews can range between 25-100 words. 

3. Submissions: The preferred method of submission is by email to the editor at editor@haunted-places.com


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