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Subject: Haunted House in Camas, WA

From: starwest@ix.netcom.com (The Ghost Writers)

Date: 1 May 1995 19:17:47 GMT

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We were invited to investigate a haunted in Camas, Washington.  The

home is only seventeen years old but is filled with many interesting

paranormal events.  A young man had committed sucide in the garage and

his image has appeared from time to time in one of the windows of the

house.  The young boy can be seen staring into the window at the family

living in the home.  Now the family keeps the window covered with

blinds so the young boys image can not been seen.


Another member of the family has observed a swirl of smoke-like

substance near the entry way to the living room.  This same member has

had someone grab his shirt and grab his ankle while walking.  No one is



A daughter-in-law was baking cookies when she discovered someone had

turned off the oven... two knobs had to be turned to shut off the oven.

Now she will not enter the house alone.


Another member of the family was asleep in her bed when she was awaken

to the two small girls standing at the foot of her bed.  They asked her

when she was going to play with them again.  The two girls were her

neices who had burned to death a few months before.


We scanned the rooms with our EMF detectors and detected adnormal

readings from several of the rooms.  The specific furniture that

radiated high emf readings had belonged to a man who had died a violent

death a few months before.  All of the members except the mother who

refuses to believe, have had paranormal experiences connected to

ghosts, poltergeists or hauntings within the house.  The same rooms

registered sub-audio sounds emitting from within.  We are conducting

further studies.


he family is very loving and kind and are not afraid of the visitors

who come from time to time.  This same family has observed UFO

activities in the past over their home...bright lights in their

windows, complete loss of electrical power occurs at the same time.


More to be posted ...


The Ghost Writers



Subject: Re: Haunted in Ashland

From: scbrown@whale.st.usm.edu (Sean Curtis-Brendan Brown)

Date: 27 May 1995 05:51:41 GMT

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Caroline Hostetler (mecca@crl.com) wrote:



There's another haunting legend in the Pacific Northwest--the Old Graystone Church in Pullman, WA. I'd been told of several sightings over the years, sometimes "strange lights" from inside the building, sometimes organ music and singing, and the ghost of a priest who sits on the front steps but "disappears" when approached or spoken to. I visited the site myself (it's walkable from the WSU campus) both in daytime and at night (sorry to report no ghosts) but the place is creepy. The inside is a ruin, water stained old pews, torn-up carpet, etc... but the sunlight penetrating the still-intact stained-glass windows & shining through the gloom is a must-see. The bell tower is gutted, and pigeons flap and coo around up there, which could be a source (for the imaginative) of the sounds of "the priest pacing above" at night. I visited Graystone Church in '93, & was

told by passer-by that it was slated for destruction, but you know how long that can take in small towns. Anyone close to Pullman, this is a definite must--puts the Hollywood "abandoned church" mock-ups to shame: an enormous, gothic-style quarry-stone edifice gone to seed & full of birds

and feral cats.