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Subject: Re: college ghosts

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bveihman@ux5.cso.uiuc.edu. asked for any college ghost stories.


I have a couple of short ones.


I am from NC and went to UNC at Greensboro and lived in a dorm named Mary

Foust my freshman and sophomore year.  The dorm was named after the

daughter of the Dean of Women's Normal College -UNCG back in the 20's.  As

the story goes Mary Foust, I forget her last name, was scandalous.  She

actually had a car and went to town at night.  Remember it was the 20's.

Finally after just graduating she did get married and became pregnant.

She and the baby died in delivery.  So in honor of her the dorm was named

Mary Foust.  The dorm mother we had at the time, this was 1982, had a

little girl, about 18 months old.  One night she heard the girl crying.

She went to check and the baby was sound asleep.  Others heard the crying

too.  No one could explain it and so it was rumored that it was the dead

baby of Mary Foust.  A friend of mine later said he witnessed a pretty

young girl walking on the lawn in front of the dorm.  He thought he would

stand in the window a while and check her out.  Then she sank into the

ground and disappeared.

     A Ouija story:  Some very reliable friends, one of whom I have very

close contact with to this day had this experience.  They would all take

turns getting on the ouija and it basically acted the way it was supposed

to, until this one girl, who professed herself an atheist, got on it.

Forgive me but I am not into this ouija board business and do not know the

lingo.  Is it called the needle?  The thing you move around.  I'm sorry if

this offends anyone.  Anyway when she held the needle it shook, and shook

until finally it took off sailing across the floor like a hockey puck and

slamming into the front door, hard enough for it to be heard down the

hall.  They put the board away after that. 

     Of course I also knew a guy who got onto a board and concentrated on

the words "Screw You." the whole time.  That is all it would spell no

matter what questions were asked.




Subject: Re: Anything out there?

From: Robert Lee Carson III <carsonrl@taft.law.uc.edu>

Date: Thu, 27 Apr 1995 22:32:54 -0400

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Try the following selections:

"Mountain Ghost Stories" by Randy Russell and Janet Barnett,

"This Haunted Southland" by Nancy Roberts,

and my personal favorites,  any volume by Judge Charles Harry

Whedbee--published by John F. Blair of Winston-Salem, NC.


I also have it on good authority that the Greenriver Plantation,

in Rutherford County as I recall, has a resident ghost. 


Happy Hunting



 On 25 Apr 1995 relo@cybernetics.net wrote:


> Anyone know of any "documented" hauntings in the North Carolina areas?

> Preferably around the Charlotte area.  I've been doing research for

> a book and this area seems to be pretty quiet.  Maybe I just haven't

> asked the right people.


> Thanks!


> Melusine





Subj:     Blackbeard's ghost

Date:    95-05-22 10:40:01 EDT

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Just off the coast of North Carolina, there is a string of barrier islands

known as the Outer Banks. The southern-most island is Cape Lookout. Just

north of that one is Ocracoke Island. This island was one of the favorite

hide-outs of the pirate Blackbeard, often called the most feared pirate of

all. He chose this place because he could navigate the channels around the

sandbars better than anyone else. He eluded capture many times because of

his knowledge of the waters.

After years and years of piracy, Captain Maynard, a British naval officer,

went after Blackbeard with two ships full of men. A fierce battle took

place and eventually Blackbeard was killed. Once he was dead, the men checked

Blackbeard's body and found 7 gunshot wounds and 22 sword wounds including

one cut across his neck from ear to ear. Once the battle was ended, Maynard

beheaded the dead pirate and hung his head from the yardarm of his ship as

a warning to other pirates. The headless body was thrown overboard and

legends say the body swam around the ship 7 times before sinking.

Blackbeard supposedly buried part of his vast treasure on Ocracoke Island.

Many people have searched (in vain) for it. Many treasure hunters have been

scared off the trail of the treasure by what they claim is a headless ghost.

They believe the ghost is that of Blackbeard. Some say he is searching for

his head while others say he is protecting his treasure. Either way, many

have claimed to see the headless ghost of the pirate Blackbeard.


                                       Craig M. Sauvigne


              Winthrop University - Computer Information Systems Major

                                     Computer Lab Operator





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Subject: Haunted Room at Sunnybank Inn

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This is a true ghost story.


I and twelve (female, or nearly so)  friends got together in Hot Springs, NC, for a spiritual weekend.  Hot Springs is a small town in the mountains which was once a resort town.  It was once called Warm Springs.  The springs are still there, and were recently reopened.

Sunnybank Inn, where were were staying, is an old inn.  The first time I was  there, the Elmer, the innkeeper, told us that one of the rooms was haunted.  He said in the 15 years he had lived there, the ghost had appeared only six or seven times. He had slept in the room several times in hopes of seeing here, but never had.  But guests would describe seeing a woman, or having a dream, that was always the same-- a woman would be standing over them on the bed,

obviously concerned about them.  Elmer said that a woman with a young child had died in the room, and that's who he thought it was-- she was checking on her infant.


I publish a journal called Chrysalis, and one issue was about spirituality as it relates to transsexualism.  One of the articles was by a Wiccan woman, and it described a ritual to invoke the goddess.  It was to be done on a full moon, and required moon oil & moon incense, candles, salt, water, and of course the proper words.  I knew there would be a full moon, and brought the

materials and the magazine (which had the words.) I told the group that I was interested in doing the ritual, and that anyone who wished was welcome to come.  I thought only a few people would, but everyone did.

My background, BTW, is Christian.  I am not a Wiccan, but my personal belief is much more in line with Wiccans and Native Americans than Christianity.  I had no problem doing the ritual, even though I had never done such a thing before, and might never again.

To end the story, I did the ritual, and the ghost manifested that night.  One person saw her, and one felt her-- as she was going to bed, she felt a hand placed firmly on her chest.  She was not frightened, but did not want to open her eyes, as she was afraid the experience would come to an end. And as for me, I dreamed of the goddess that night.


No one was afraid of the ghost; it was clearly benign.


There were a lot of other strange things that happened that weekend-- for instance, we did a reading with Medicine Cards.  The first card was a bat, and the last, a hummingbird, and we not only saw those animals in that order, but in a very strange way (we were walking through the woods and the bad came thrashing by on the ground.  I've never seen a bat like that).

Anyway, just a nothing alt.folklore.ghost.story