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Subject: Mississippi Haunt

From: ZUBROVKA <Agdesign@cris.com>

Date: Sat, 29 Apr 1995 07:05:23 -0400 (EDT)

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I got this one from my neighbor, a Mississipian.  Slayden, MS which is SE

of Memphis, TN, just across state line is location.  Seems a hunter was

out one evening running his coonhounds and they were up ahead of him when

he heard them both yelp as if they were scared.  Then all was silence. 

As he came out of the woods he realized he was in an old churchyard, one

that had been long abandoned and overgrown.  He was calling for his dogs

but getting no response.  Up ahead he could see the outline of the old

church and then he stopped, frozen in terror.  Through the broken down

gate of the churchyard a woman dressed in long white flowing gown was

walking.  The hunter gained some composure and crept nearer.  The woman

walked across the churchyard and disappeared into the church, going right

through the nailed shut door!  The hunter turned tail and made a run for

his truck and when he got to his truck made a hasty drive home,

forgetting his hounds.  The next day he returned to the church by an old

road and found his dogs, they appeared skittish and the hunter figured

the phantom had scared them first.  END   This is a true story so I was told.