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Here's a summary of the tale.  My friend moved into this house in eastern

Mass. The first night they were there, her aunt awoke late in the evening

because she heard a strange noise. When she went downstairs, she saw the

entire kitchen had been 'transformed' into what appeared to her to be a

meeting room, with a table directly in the center.  Mind you, she could

still see everything "real" in the kitchen.


She then explained that their were people talking about the table. Some

were leaning against the walls, others were seated, and still others were

walking about the room. She even said some of them looked directly at

her, but kept doing whatever it was they were busy with at the time.


The next morning, when everyone got up, she was waiting in the kitchen.

She told everyone what she had seen. They didn't quite believe her. So,

my friend's brother waited in the room that night. But, he didn't see

anything. However, the aunt's sister had come over after hearing the news

and she told almost the same story.  Her story differed in one part.  She

claimed the "ghostly meters" has adjourned their meeting and had all

left via the front door!


Well, curious beyond belief, they rushed to the historical society and

researched their home. Sure enough, they found a lot. It turns out that

the house belonged to Daniel Webster--well, the acreage had belonged to

him. He had built his meeting house there. One winter, the house burned

down. The townspeople built another one, but not in the same place.

Instead, a lake formed.  When the lake had formed, Webster brought the

key to his old meeting house to the lake and threw it in. Years later,

the lake dried up and my friend's house was built.


Now, if the burning of the house was paranormal, I cannot say. What I can

say is, no one has seen the ghosts but women.  Weird.


And if you're interested, the Governor's house down the road is haunted

as well.  Want to hear that one?


Perhaps the entire area is haunted?


Hope you enjoyed the condensed version.


:> Moe


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Subject: Meeting House

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Subj:     Ghosts I have known?!

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I swear that this is a true story as far as my overactive mind can tell.


John Stone's Inn in Ashland, MA is another well known haunted place you can visit. I have been there on numerous occasions and nothing specific has happened to me. It is under new management, and the food is great. If you ever get a chance to go there, I highly recommend it. The staff will usually have some good stories to tell. You can read about the inn in the Ghostly Register by Arthur Myers. It is also written up in a book called Haunted Happenings (think that is the title). The latter has some great pictures. Anyway, this book talks about how these ghost hunters got these pictures using infrared film. I went to a great deal of trouble to get this film as well as to find a place to develop it. All I can tell you is that we had a few weird experiences when we were taking the picture. Sometimes the flash wouldn't work even though the batteries were in good working order. And in the upstairs dining room, there is a cold spot that cannot be explained. You can walk all around this area and the room feels normally heated, but when you reach this particular corner of the room it is like you are drenched in ice water. It really gives you the willies. The other point of interest is that the authors of the latter book got a picture of John Stone in a location on the first floor that is directly below this room and the cold spot. The pictures had a lot of weird light reflections, but nothing that can't be explained away.




Subject: Re: College hauntings

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Date: 18 May 1995 15:00:18 GMT

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A friend of mine attended Anna Maria College in Paxton, MA a few years ago (the place may have been re-named by now) and told me of her experience in the music building.


She would remain late hours practicing the piano, when she'd hear another piano playing elsewhere in the building.  She'd go investigate, but never find anyone.  Then at one point she was right outside the door of the room with the piano playing, she quickly opened it, the music stopped and no one was there.

    There was some sort of theory on this, but I forget what.  Maybe some Anna Maria alums. could fill in the details?




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To:        ghost-stories@netcom.com

Sorry folks, but I tried to unsubscribe for the summer early this morning,  and made a big mistake. I figure for that I owe yall a story. Here goes:

     I have not witnessed this myself, but this is a story about my dormitory. I live in Thayer Hall in Cambridge at Harvard. Well, this hall  is around 150-200 years old. Before Harvard bought it and made it into a Dormitory it was a textile mill. There are not stories of anything particularly disturbing at the mill, but this dorm has a story anyway.

     It seems that during the winter at late hours, around midnight or later, one can see workers in their period clothes just drifting into the building at the entrances, and even at places where there are no entrances, where perhaps there formally were ones. It is a phenomenon that has not occurred recently, and it is attributed to the quantity of artificial light that now drowns out the stars here in Cambridge.

      I am sorry that this story is so vague, but it is all that I know. There must be more ghosts here but I cannot come up with the stories myself. Next year I promise to research into more of them. So long all and enjoy your respective summers. I still feel a little embarrassed at the snafu. Joe Soler


Subject: Re: Hotel Ghosts

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Some hotels  and inns I've heard about that are reputed to be haunted are:


The Kennebunk Inn in Kennebunk, Maine

The Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, MA   I don't know much at all about the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, MA beyond hearing from someone that it is haunted.  The address and phone no.

are: 18 Washington Square West, Salem, MA (508)744-4080.

The Barnstable Tavern in in Barnstable on Cape Cod, MA

the Colonial Inn, Concord, MA

The Bramble Inn in Brewster on Cape Cod, MA The Barnstable Inn

supposedly is haunted, and someone told me that an apparition of a woman

appears and that guests have seen or spoken with her, thinking she is another

guest there only to find out she was not.  I've been told that there are many

articles in either the Cape Cod Times or The Cape Codder over the years about

the tavern's ghost. It is located at 3176 Main St., Barnstable, MA


The Brunswick in Old Orchard Beach, Maine


A couple of eateries that I've been told are haunted are:


The Country Tavern in Nashua, NH   and The Chart House Restaurant in

Simsbury, CT. 


I'm compiling a book on haunted places in New England and have been told

of the above, but have not yet looked into them in depth.  If anyone knows

of others in the area, or has any experiences to relate in any of the

above please e-mail me or post here!     Thanks,  Amy.