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Subject: entity

From: Eric Rupp <ericrupp@augustana.net>

Date: 30 Apr 1995 00:41:31 GMT

Message-ID: <3numbr$m91@rhf.bradley.edu>


Someone asked me to post the encounter that I've had with an evil entity, but unfortunately it's a really lame story in comparison to the ones that I've read posted to this newsgroup.  So I'll

refrain from telling it.  The story that is posted here is much better (although it doesn't involve me). 


When my grandparents lived in their old house in Hanover Park, IL, she had a young couple, Pat, Mike, and their infant, who lived behind her.  They were in there 20's and were starting a family.  Well needless to say, both my GP's and the young couple have all since moved to different areas around Chicago-land, but my grandmother kept in touch with Pat, offering assistance when it was needed.


Unfortunately for Pat and Mike, there new home wasn't as "receptive" to their moving in.  Right from the start, the typical, "run-of-the-mill" occurrences began happening, such as: a box of fine china falling to the  floor and shattering while no one was in the room (I bet you knew that).

Things began to disappear like the silverware, a jacket, a shoe, a wallet (that was later found in the toilet), as well as a few other things This all started happening within hours of moving in.


Then on the third day, Patty began to hear a very deep, gravelly voice that kept saying "GET OUT!!!"  Um.....she didn't like that at all.   Not surprisingly, mike never heard the voice (until the last day).


Things were still disappearing and breaking, when on the seventh day  after moving in, the ghost/demon decided it was really time to force it's new and unwanted housemates out of the house.  It struck when both Mike and Patty were down in the basement putting things into storage.  Very suddenly the downstairs became very warm/borderline hot.  They both  wondered what the hell was happening.  Mike, the daring soul that he is decided to investigate.  He left the storage room for the furnace room. When he entered the main room of the basement, Mike noticed that the floor boards were creaking behind him.  He turned around expecting to see his wife following him.  Instead he saw something black move into the  deep shadows of the room.  Mike told my grandmother that this freaked him a little, but he decided to continue with his investigation, anyways.  So he turned, intending to go on, but this time was confronted by a

fairly large black, beastly looking form that seemed to glow orange (don't ask because I don't know how something black glows orange, and besides, it's not my story).  It then became an orange, glowing ball  that accelerated towards Mike.  It lifted Mike about a foot off the ground and slammed him into the wall, where it held him.  In the meantime, Patty had heard the commotion and hurried out to check on her husband. When she entered the room, patty saw her husband's predicament, grabbed the thing nearest her, which happened to be a lamp, and threw it at Mike (why? I don't know).  When the lamp hit the wall, it let go of Mike, and he fell to the floor. The whole house shook as a voice boomed "GET OUT!!!" They both took its advice and got the hell out of the house and went over to the neighbors.  The next day, they went back grabbed all their crap, and have since moved to another local.


It's been a while (2 or 3 years) since grandmother told me this story, so I'm a little hazy on all the details on it, but it is a true story  (I am skeptical though).  If anyone wants more details, I would be willing  to give granny a call to ask her about it -- hell maybe I'll do that anyways.


A Bientot-



Subject: RE:  Illinois Hauntings

From: jimmymac@aol.com (Jimmymac)

Date: 6 May 1995 12:00:41 -0400

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I was at Bachelor's Grove many years ago. My friends and I went there to find out what all the excitement was...however we hadn't heard ANY specifics before going there. Well we sat there (it's an extremely old cemetery) for a short while when out over a small lake a blue light

appeared. We sat there watching the light for a minute or so when we realized that the light was moving in our direction - over the water. Now I didn't know what the light was but just the same we were off and running. We jumped in our cars and left. When we finally stopped at our local hangout we more or less laughed it off.  A Few years later I was listening to a local radio program some time around Halloween and was astonished to hear about the blue light and it's possible connection to the house you mentioned. As I said I had no foreknowledge of the blue

light and for a long time believed I had imagined it...until that program. Now I don't profess to having seen a "ghost" or anything, all I know is I saw something that scared me without even knowing what  it was and later discovered that I wasn't alone in my having seen this. What it is or was I don't know. If anyone reading this has further info I'd be glad to read it.