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Subject: Re: Haunted sites in Washington,DC/Suburban MD??

From: jsokolof@lynx.dac.neu.edu (Jennifer Sokoloff)

Date: 14 May 1995 16:26:33 GMT

Message-ID: <3p5avp$i1k@chaos.dac.neu.edu>



There is a church retreat in Buckeystown (outside of Frederick) that gives me the willies.  A few months ago, I posted my story about my experiences there.  Aside form my one shocking tale (shocked me at least!) there are numerous accounts of ghosts who haunt the fourth floor.  The main building used to be a school, and there have been records found of the children, keeping track of everything from behavior to how their puberty is coming along... Many tales exist of mysterious lights by the slave graveyard, lights in the barn (where I had my experience) and someone or thing trying desperately to keep the attic locked...  If you decide to go, and the drive isn't to far out of your way, email me and I can give you specifics (too many to post here).  And depending on when you are going, I might be able to go with you if you want company and a tour!

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