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Subject: reply to "college ghosts"

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Date: 25 Apr 95 09:26:26 CST

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I go to a college with NUMEROUS ghost stories, as will happen on an old, Catholic campus in the middle of a woods.  St John's University, Collegeville, MN.  I don't know if there is any documentation.   Here are a few of the best, concerning an abandoned chapel in the woods.


When this chapel was being built in the beginning of the century, the only

way to carry bricks, etc. to the building site was to travel across the campus

lake by canoe-- trails had not been cleared yet.  This pasrt is fuzzy, but for

some reason the abbot of the monestery here somehow kept receiving messages that

the chapel was NOT supposed to be finished.  Work continued, however, until the

day that the bell for the tower was being boated across.  Two monks were in the

boat, and for no apparent reason, the canoe capsized in the middle of the

lake, with the bell sinking to the bottom.  One of the monks died.

Not to be daunted, another bell was transported across.  At the same spot,

the boat capsized, and the monks were pulled under.  Both survived and swam to

shore.  But one monk- the one who survived the original capsizing, arose with

a strange story- while under water, the dead monk had grabbed his robes and

tried to pull him under.  Sure enough, the monk's hand was found on the robes of

the man who had survived.

Since then, they say, on a cloudy, overcast evening, when the moon is in its

quarter-stage, you can hear the sounds of those two bells, muffled- yet

ringing from the lake.  The chapel on the lake never did get it's bell.

There are more- if people want to hear them, let me know, and I will post

them. This chapel, for some reason, has been a source of enchantment for ages.


Subject: more college stories

From: hlsinger@tiny.computing.csbsju.edu

Date: 26 Apr 95 10:49:11 CST

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Another chapel story--


Well, the chapel eventually was finished, without the bell, and was used by

the monastic community as a place of worship until our new abbey church was

built.  On the last day of services, they had a ceremony to basically

"de-dedicate" the building.  The day began beautifully, sun in the sky, not a

cloud in sight.  Half-way through the ceremony a tremendous storm came from

out of nowhere . . . at the last few sentences of the ceremony, the building

shook, people said that they witnessed a figure crouching in the entrance to the

church.  The floor split from where the "demon" was standing to the altar,

and the altar, which was made of a solid stone slab, split in half.  "Footprints"

of the "demon" remain on the floor at the entryway- right where the thing was

said to have stood.

It is also said that on Halloween and Christmas, if you are standing on the

opposite side of the lake from the chapel, you can hear services going on

there, and the entire church will be illuminated from within.  I have never

been brave enough to stay there on one of those nights, for some odd reason.

It is also a well- known fact that the chapel itself is at times used for

satanic worship-- odd burnings have been seen around the site, etc.  It is

often theorized by students who walk out to the chapel that it is the demons

unleashed through these ceremonies that cause all this mischief.

I have a couple stories about dorm ghosts, and the spirit of a nun who is

supposed to patrol campus at night-- I can tell them if there is a desire-- I

know that my storytelling ability is not the best, so I apologise. . .